Original, casual, elegant but not boring. This is what the interior design for Agnieszka and Bartłomiej was supposed to be like. When designing the interiors, I drew handfuls of inspiration in the glamor style, wabi-sabi, loft design … We will not find a single design trend in the interior of the house, everything is a mixture of styles, a mix of styles that I love in interiors. Wall moldings are intertwined here with Spanish hand-made tiles. Green wallpaper with palm trees with soft carpets in the bedroom. Completely different atmospheres, yet they create a coherent composition as a whole … that was the plan. The plan that we consistently implemented together from our first conversation, through concepts, visualizations, technical drawings, shopping list, joint trips to stores, selection of specialists, supervision over renovation works, to the photo session … The whole process took about 3 years.

I present everything in the form of photos of the finished design. 

5 things you should know about this project:

  1. DEMOLITION No. 1. In the plans from the architect, the living room was divided by an opening into the corridor, we added a wall and thus enlarged the bathroom on the ground floor … but wait a minute, the bathroom is a transitional room between the corridor and the utility room. Such a compromise allowed us to obtain a cozy space in the living room and a quite large bathroom on the ground floor (and not just a toilet compartment under the stairs).
  2. DEMOLITION No. 2. We demolished the wall between the foyer and the common space, replaced it with a glass wall (on a metal frame), thus letting light into this space.
  3. LAST MINUTE CHANGE OF MATERIALS. The interior renderings differ from the photos of the final project…that happens. Sometimes I hand over the project to the Investor, along with a list of materials for the order, and then the customer orders selected elements without going to the stores. But sometimes (as in this case) I work with people involved in the design and construction. We looked at all interior elements together, from tiles, wooden floors, colors for walls, furniture, and fabrics covering the windows. Many elements were changed by our joint decision after the project was completed, and so, for example, in a small bathroom on the ground floor, instead of a flamingo wallpaper, we have fish-scale tiles, the wallpaper in the bedroom has also changed … to sum up, some materials have changed, but the spirit of the design has remained.
  4. BATTERY WE HAVE WAITED FOR 100 YEARS. This is obviously an exaggeration (100 years), but we waited a long, long time (about 8 months) for a copper-colored sink faucet for one of the bathrooms. I am writing about it because when choosing a battery with an unusual color, you usually wait longer and it is worth knowing about it. We were a bit unlucky, but it was worth the wait, because the final effect is great.
  5. STAIRS AND PLANTS. On the ground floor, I have extended the last step of the stairs so that it creates a diamond shape on which a long flower pot and vines entwining lines by the wall will fit. The whole creates a coherent composition with the pot and additionally the “spilled” steps at the bottom invite the recipient to go higher.

I really like unusual solutions, and  investors who have the courage to implement them-even more.