A wise man once said that all he needs to live is a garden and a library. I completely agree. Garden is a place of rest, creation and work that gives great satisfaction. It is very often an integral part of the house. In this case, it is worth thinking about the exterior of the house together with the interior design, so that these spaces interpenetrate. We have several joint projects cempleted with Wiktor Kłyk. Here are some examples.

More about Wiktor’s unique projects at:

restaurants, hotels, bars, private homes, shops, beauty / dental salons, coffee shops, etc.

The culmination of each project is a photo session. I usually cooperate with the photo studio of Małgosia and Przemek, who with a great eye capture what is most beautiful. If you run a restaurant, bar, or you just want to make a session in your home and show its interior in the best possible way, I offer help in interior preparation and my assistance in the photo session of the fantastic Fotograf-Frames studio. I have been cooperating with the studio for many years, and you can see the fruits of our cooperation here:

  • Implementation of the interior design project in the vicinity of Szczecin Mierzyn 300m2
  • A contemporary home, original, casual, elegant but not boring
  • A house at the end of the world

More works by the Fotografia-Frames studio on the website:

It is indispensable when we do not have a detailed plan / project from the architect or developer of the space that we would like to rebuild or renovate.

It is actually an integral part of each of my designs, but I have included this option as an additional option for all those who do not use my help as a designer and create their interiors on their own. For you I offer the possibility to use my help and experience to help you find the right people to carry your vision through.

Since I have many years of experience in our market, I know which doors are worth knocking on and which ones should be avoided. If you need help with the selection of: artists, sculptors, graphic designers, craftsmen, locksmiths, carpenters, plumbers, tilers, bricklayers and specialists such as: electrician, architect, constructor, landscape architect- Please contact us 🙂