“We travel a lot and spend most of our time at work, so we want our home to be cozy but also very neutral.”

My cooperation with clients began with this description, which resulted in interior design and visualizations. We are currently waiting for a renovation team to execute our plan.

I started the design by demolishing somewalls, thus opening the kitchen to the living room. The kitchen solution that the customers liked was an island, which also served as a table. Thanks to that, we did not have to “add” a dining room function into the living room.

Another interesting aspect of the project is the BIO fireplace, a great solution for spaces where a traditional fireplace cannot be used.

The house is not big, so the project had to include many hidden compartments, such as the one in the bathroom for a washing machine and an electric dryer.

The project was also a challenge in terms of the selection of materials. We wanted an elegant but also warm atmosphere that would not be overwhelming.

The materials are mainly wood, steel, stone and soft fabrics.