‘We would like a modern and warm home for a family with two children. We like large, bright spaces, but we don’t like glamor and show-off interiors. We like the Scandinavian style and interior designs that takes into account our functional needs. ‘ This was the description I heard from my clients, whose house is located in a picturesque village near Szczecin.

The design process was short, as we quickly caught a common visual language. After presenting many inspirations from Pinterest, my drawings, visualizations and proposed products for home interiors, I started to make technical drawings. When we started our cooperation, the house did not exist yet, so in the design I included the demolition of a wall (enlarging the living room and dining room) and addition of a wall (the one on which the TV hangs) in order to close the living room space and make it more intimate (and not open it to the corridor overlooking the bathroom door).

The design of the electrics and the sewage system also changed, and, while working on the basis of the architectural design, we introduced minor adjustments and modifications. The time before building a house is the best time to plan interior architecture. At this point, you can make very important changes to the architecture at no extra cost.