Delicate colors, a combination of beige, black and white. Simple divisions and maximum use of a small space. This is how I would describe Kasia’s house and the challenges she set for me at the beginning of our cooperation. We quickly found a common visual language and a harmonious house design was created. That’s what we called it while working and that’s how it stayed 🙂

What is worth knowing about the project:

  1. The first challenge was a small living room in which we wanted to fit both a large dining table and a comfortable rest at the TV. We managed to achieve the goal by proper arrangement of the furniture.
  2. We mainly use 3 finishing materials in the project- Technistone Noble Carrara, Oak wood, black powder-coated steel and off-white in the form of wall / ceiling and tile paints
  3. Details matter and a lot of emphasis was placed here on minimalist but sophisticated solutions. All built-in furniture and bathroom cabinets are custom designed. The bodies are made of furniture board and have veneered oak fronts with beautiful handles of the “Skandynawskie uchwyty” brand. The black color that adds character to the interior, which appears in the steel elements, are always the same RAL shade. We like to take care of details 🙂
  4. Glazed door leading from the foyer to the corridor is a steel and glass product designed specifically for the needs of this house. The decentralized division of the door builds an atmosphere and adds originality to the glass door, which, thanks to the displacement of the central mullion, does not refer to classic English doors, but adds a new aesthetic value.
  5. Illuminated mirror in the hall with a drawer. In fact, they are two mirror panes separated by a drawer that looks like a wooden monolith. We designed the whole thing so that the light from the LED strip behind the mirror gently seeps from underneath.