How did it start? At the beginning, the clients asked if I would help them only in the selection of lamps … after a few minutes of conversation, they offered me a full house design, finally it ended with a full interior design, additional design of original furniture, selection of a construction team and supervision over renovation. Big adventures begin from small things and that was the case with this project. From the very beginning, we found a common language with our clients. Although my ideas initially seemed too bold and crazy (an example is a bathroom with a brick on the wall and a cement black floor), I quickly managed to convince the investor that it was worth the risk. References from Agnieszka and Michał are proof that they are also satisfied with the risk they took when deciding on original solutions, and in this project there are “some of them.” 

Changes, changes, changes. The design of the building’s architecture originally assumed concrete stairs, the kitchen had a completely different layout than today and two similar bathrooms. So, starting with serious changes altering the structure of the building, I was creating a space more consistent with the lifestyle of my clients. We got rid of the heavy structure of concrete stairs, thus opening the space where the living room is connected with the kitchen and stairs (now made of steel – much lighter in appearance and, above all, taking up much less space). We have adapted the kitchen and bathroom layouts to the way they function in these spaces. For example, the refrigerator is closer to the entrance to the house today, so as not to run around with groceries. Elements displayed in the kitchen are a beautiful hood and a stove, which were originally supposed to be hidden in a niche where today there is a 2-door refrigerator. There were many, many changes. I am not going to describe all the construction, electrical or visual ideas here, I just want to point out that the overall design of interiors is often a revolution that is worth making to feel good in your home. Can you trust me? I am not afraid of structural or installation changes, because everything I consult with colleagues in the industry. It is worth interfering with the structure of the building so as to adapt it to your needs, because, as LeCorbusier once wrote, “A house is a machine for living”.


Construction supervision is an important part of my job. There is not always time to take photos and admire the effects of the renovation team’s work, but I always have time to discuss the project in the smallest detail with the contractors.