The design includes such elements as:

  • An open kitchen, which we enlarged by demolishing the wall from the (not very functional) pantry.
  • Living room with a dining room, where you will be able to admire the original reinforced concrete slabs on the ceiling.
  • A bedroom for parents with wood finish up to 1/3 of the height, which on the sides together with the brass grates above constitutes a subtly hidden wardrobe. There is a mirror behind the grate.
  • The bedroom and bathroom are separated by a wall of glass and steel, the owners also considered not making any partition, because they like open spaces and even transparent divisions are not necessary for them.
  • In the bedroom above the bed and in the guest bathroom we have lamps / neon signs with practical tips / information;)
  • A huge children’s room with areas to play, climb, sleep on bunk beds and rest on leaves 🙂
  • In the part at the entrance, we have used architectural concrete on the floor with a brass embedded inscription “love is the drug”, the family’s motto.
  • The design and technical documentation were made by our team, the visualizations were commissioned to an external company.