The aim of the project was to create a luxurious bedroom open to a bathroom, or rather a cozy bathing salon. What do I understand by the term “luxury space”? It is a place where we feel relaxed, where all the elements of the interior are planned so that we can use them comfortably. What we place great emphasis on in our design studio is the interior atmosphere, mood … The most important thing is that all these elements should be compatible with and fitted to the client, or rather resulting from his aesthetic and functional needs. This is what I mean by luxury. It is a holistic satisfaction of the needs (in terms of the interior design);) of my client 🙂

What is worth knowing about the project:

  1. Demolishing the walls in an old tenement house is not easy, even if they are only partition walls (not load-bearing). Here the task was made easier for us by the developer, because the apartment I designed is located in an old, almost historic tenement house. The developer first demolished the entire interior of the building, then poured the ceilings again and put in the walls. The only thing left for me to do is to divide the space into rooms according to the customer’s guidelines.
  2. “Sky’s the limit”, I heard from my Canadian customers after talking about the budget 🙂 Choosing the materials I was not limited by the wallet, hence the high-end materials such as Cole & Son wallpaper with monkeys, a huge partition of steel and glass separating the bedroom from a bathroom, natural marble on the floor and sinks also made of this material. Axor golden faucets, genuine plaster stucco ceilings made by a local craftsman. Phew, there’s a lot of it. We like good design and we love detailed design.
  3. The stucco design on the ceiling relates to the façade of the building.
  4. Brick visible in the visualizations is the original part of this building that has survived the developer’s renovation.