Masculine office

The interior design of this office can be compared to the interior of a yacht or a camper. There is no wasted space here. In the apartment, we had to deal with a rather large area, in which we had to design a kitchenette, wardrobe, bathroom and an office with the possibility of overnight guests staying. The space was supposed to have the atmosphere straight from Mad Men and offices of those years, all in a more modern version. The interior is located in a picturesque part of the Old Town in Szczecin. In my opinion, the most interesting element of the interior is the window view, so I planned it in such a way that the view is visible from almost every part of the space. Visible for the person entering, for the person sitting on the couch, armchair or behind the desk. It was not an easy task. To achieve this effect, we had to demolish a fragment of the wall and instead of a small door from the corridor, we put in a double- metal and glass- door. It definitely gave this little place an airy atmosphere and a sense of space. Another thing worth mentioning are LED strips placed in the corridor as suspended at the ceiling, they optically raise the height of our space and give luminosity, without placing the traditional hanging lamp in the middle of the room. We also used such slats in the bathroom and the office part. The most interesting element of the project is … my client’s passion / hobby. It was him and his interests that inspired me the most to create this interior design and the design of the furniture 🙂 Yes, in this case we are talking about furniture (which we always design) but also about the original design of the desk. The lower part, seen from the couch, is made as a gallery of clocks that my client collects. Wonderful exhibits have found their place here in specially adapted and illuminated spaces. I hope that soon I will be able to show photos from the finished process. I am extremely excited about this project 🙂

Design and author’s supervision – Aleksandra Kościow-Kłyk

Visualizations and technical drawings were commissioned to an external company.