This unique interior design was ordered along with the garden design. Together with Wiktor Kłyk we faced the task of designing the entire living space for our clients.

The challenge was to create an interior that would blend in with the garden space. Inside, we used the same burned wood board that was used on the facade of the building. Similarly, architectural concrete finishing and the color of the boards inside and on the terrace are matched with each other to form an extension of the living room interior.

What is worth knowing about the project:

  • On the ground floor, we demolished the wall between the living room and the office, instead dividing space up with a glass and metal structure that stretches along the entire length of the corridor. In the part outside the bathroom and wardrobe the partition is covered in mirrors instead of transparent glass.
  • Customers are fans of good design and James Bond, so we added some unique Vitra furniture, sculptures by Oscar Zięta, Moooi lamps and, of course, a movie poster.
  • Why do I present 2 options of the living room and kitchen? As the decision regarding the interior design has still not been made, both options are taken into account. The lady of the house prefers one option, the master of the house the other. Which vision do you think appeals to whom? 🙂