I am very lucky that such a special project has come to me. Special because I am dealing with unusual architecture. The subject of the study is the interior of a villa built in 1934 in Szczecin. Currently (when I started the project and worked on the first visualizations) the house is in very good condition, it has been renovated many times since it’s built. Due to numerous renovations, I can only imagine what “is happening” under the plaster, paneling and other cladding. I look forward to a major overhaul that will reveal the “real” materials.

Today we know that an unusual brick was used in the basement, which I would like to reveal in most of the basement rooms. I plan this floor in a raw, but also bright and cozy atmosphere of industrial-style interiors. The whole project is to be a mixture of styles- our own eclecticism, which will combine common features, such as natural materials: wood, stone and the ubiquitous off-white.

The ground floor with a fireplace room, living room, kitchen and dining room is a completely different story than the basement, but that’s what we wanted. (For us, I mean Investors and myself, because as I have already mentioned in other descriptions – the project is the result of cooperation, not only the vision of an interior architect). This floor is reserved for designer furniture of great brands / designers such as GUBI, NOTTI, George Nelson, Vitra and many other pearls of contemporary design, all immersed in modern interiors but with nostalgia for the past century. There are wood floors inspired by old herringbone parquet floors, except that we introduce a combination of a stone floor cut in a shape corresponding to parquet, scattered between wooden elements … I could write a lot about this project because I love it, but I think that it will be better to follow the visualizations and the further development of events (i.e. next visualizations with new proposals) in order to be able to assess and better understand our idea.