The Old Slaughterhouse In Szczecin is a beautiful building. I really like projects that fit in with the old architecture. In such cases, two elements are important: 

  1. The function of space – in this case, transformation from a slaughterhouse to a cultural facility (the building houses the Center for Culture and Euroregion- the Old Slaughterhouse, for which I had the pleasure to hold the office of artistic director, so I know very well how important the changes in organization of a building architecture are).
  2. Interior atmosphere – which should refer to the original building, but at the same time meet modern requirements. For example, in the vestibule, we had to set up a TV set informing about current cultural events, we needed infographics that would not overwhelm the recipient and referred to the period of the building’s construction, modern lighting had to be selected, etc.

Combine the old with the new- this is how working with historic architecture looks like in a nutshell.

The execution of the project ended in 2015, resulting in the modernization of the ground floor cloakroom and supervision of renovation works.

The full project included:

  • changes to the cloakroom design
  • graphic design- infographics on the ground floor of the building
  • selection of decorative elements
  • separate furniture design
  • changes to the electrical installation
  • inventories, visualizations and detailed plans for contractors
  • selection of specialists to execute the project
  • author’s construction supervision