An apartment in an old town house in the heart of Szczecin is a place where history and modernity intertwine. The facade of the old tenement house has been perfectly renovated, the original carvings have been restored. However, the interior of the building is already made in accordance with modern standards. Of course, the stucco and colors appear here, as was used in the original architecture design. The modern world was brought to the old architecture in a form of elevators, magnificent pavilions on the roof of the tenement house, terraces on the roof, ceiling structures, installations … In fact, it can be said that the building was completely renovated, but the spirit and character of the place have remained.

Together with our clients we agreed from the very beginning – the apartment is to be a easteticly consistent with the tenement house. It is to be modern on the one hand, and filled with nostalgia for a bygone era on the other. The interior design includes such original elements as real brick that was in the tenement house (it was recovered after the demolition works). Modern parquet, but inspired by old floors (with the exception of large boards in the interiors instead of the traditional short and narrow ones). We also introduced stucco to the project, combining Rococo with classicism. The whole thing is complemented by the contemporary design of such creators and brands as Marcel Wanders, Floss, Axor, NevRavenna, Cole & Son etc. Contemporary design combined with old architecture, it couldn’t get better. I love such projects. 

Interior design in the Szczecin Tenement House at Śląska Street in the Arthouse facility

The design and technical drawings were made by our team, the visualizations were commissioned to an external company.