What turns you on? What inspires you?

These are important questions that you should ask yourself before you start planning your interior or choosing an interior designer.

Asking this basic question is the key to getting to know yourself. Exploring what moves the prose of life aside, is the beginning of finding your way to more frequent activities that inspire and energize you.

I love running. Not necessarily for health, rather, for the moment when both legs are in the air. That split second when I’m flying 🙂 It turns me on. I can’t meditate in the lotus position and I’m bored with yoga… But I love to look at nature thoughtlessly. On a willow which crown flutters in the wind like a giant creature… I like things with history, I’m sentimental.

Why am I writing about this?

You see, it was only in the so-called “middle age” that I started to think about what I like, to ask myself these kinds of questions. And it started a moment before my husband and I bought a piece of land to build a house on. Then we designed it and now this place is for us the embodiment of  peace, safety and joy of mundane moments like having fun together, cooking and even cleaning.

I believe that if I had not asked myself these simple questions at the beginning of our journey, we could have made a terrible mistake. How could it look like? For example, creating a fashionable home, a house for the eye of guests, a house located in a place far from rustling forests and fragrant meadows …

It’s good to break away from the pile of duties and find time for yourself between taking your children to kindergarten, swimming pool, English, between work, shopping, cleaning the house and cooking (I would forget). To stare into space before starting a next big venture.

Oops. I accidentally wrote about my daily schedule. Yours, I think, may be similar, so if I can suggest something before building a house, before buying a plot, arranging your apartment: ask yourself a fundamental question – what do you like?

Why am I writing about this? For many years I have been meeting clients for whom I plan a space where they spend 70% of their time. The house in which they sleep (almost 50%), relax, receive guests, etc. You won’t believe how often we come to the point where I hear the sentence:

“The interiors are great, everything is great, only the neighbors are so close …”

“One would like to go jogging, but we don’t even have sidewalks.”

Or from a completely different angle. “The next time we will choose a plot of land closer to the city, it’s so far away from everything, it takes us an hour to get to work…”

To sum up, if you want to feel good in the space where you will spend most of your time, relax and think about what really makes you happy?