Store windows, restaurants, clubs, cafes, cocktail bars, showrooms, hairdressing salons or shops are design topics that I know very well. I have a lot of experience in designing this type of spaces and structures, the main task of which is to create an adequate atmosphere for the function, and to surround the customer with the atmosphere that a given brand represents.

Interior design for public spaces, in my approach, combines the thought of a beautiful interior, original solutions and the function of the premises focusing on serving guests and on the commercial function.

Why is it worth entrusting me with the design of a chosen public space?

In addition to a reliable interior design, I also offer a holistic approach to the brand/ company commissioning the task. For the purposes of the project, I can build a team dealing with architecture, graphics and landscape design.

What is my experience?

The public premises that I had the pleasure to design may include such facilities as Stara Rzeźnia in Szczecin, Center for Culture and Euroregion, CoctailBar 17 Schodów, 3 Kropka Nad I stores, showrooms for the KNI interior fair, redesign of a square in Warsaw in front of the SARP headquarters, created in cooperation with garden designer Wiktor Kłyk ( ).